Purchasing CATT-Acoustic

Commercial and research versions

CATT-Acoustic is available in 4 versions:

  • A free demo/evaluation version (even with auralisation). Any model created with the demo can be used with the full version.  The demo can be downloaded from www.catt.se
  • Full prediction and demo auralisation (non-commercial research/education license at a 35% discount)
  • Full prediction and full auralisation (non-commercial research/education license at a 35% discount).  This also comes with The FIReverb Suite included.
  • Full prediction and full auralisation with added functionality for use with a Lake Huron or CP4 giving e.g. head-tracking (HeadScape), VR (AniScape), headphone eq and HRTF compilation, 5-channel simulations (non-commercial research/education license at a 35% discount).  For approved users who work with HRTF measurements or have other special needs this version may be made available by CATT (solely at the discretion of CATT) , even if they do not own Lake hardware.

CATT-Acoustic is licensed per site, rather than per seat.  You can load onto several machines at the same office or university department but if you have several offices you should buy one licence per office where it will be used.  There is a discount for 25% for additional office licences within the same territory (in our case, the UK and Ireland).  Updates must be handled by one office, with all offices updating at the same time, and all offices must use the same version (i.e. prediction or full auralisation).

Upgrades and support

When you buy CATT you get free upgrades and support for the first 6 months.  Thereafter upgrades and support are priced at 15% of the full purchase price per 6 month period, or 20% per 12-month period.  You also have access to info and downloads from the CATT User website which includes data files, libraries of loudspeaker directivities and other useful information.  Most importantly you also get very fast response to queries and problems by email or telephone from ourselves and from the writer, Bengt-Inge Dalenback.  Most queries are answered within 24 hours - as writing and developing CATT is Bengt-Inge's full-time job the technical backup is much better than you would get from, say, a consultant or university department who market a computer program as a secondary activity.

Where to find out more

A full working demonstration version (but with a limit on modelling parameters to make sure it isn't actually usable commercially) can be found on the CATT web site www.catt.se. You will need to request a key from the website to “unlock” the demonstration.  It is really essential for anyone considering buying CATT should spend some time with the demo - like all programs of this type, you do need to build up a good understanding of what you are doing and why before you can get sensible results.

There is a lot of background and technical information on the website, so have a good browse.  Users also have access to an additional website with a lot of download information, data, speaker directivity files, absorption coefficients etc.

If you have any questions or if you require information on pricing or any other aspect of CATT-Acoustic, please either telephone 01603 721511 or email admin@adrianjamesacoustics.co.uk.