Sound insulation testing

Principal Acoustics and Theatre Consultant Ian Rees presents an introduction to sound insulation testing. Ian demonstrates how to comply with Part E of the Building Regulations, also known as a PCT. What are some of the requirements and conditions for testing?

Duration: 9 minutes

See also: What is a PCT?

Noise assessment for small wind turbines

Ian Rees weighs up the issues around noise from micro-turbines. An increasing demand for renewable energy and rising fuel costs has led to more of these small turbines in locations such as farms.

Duration: 7 minutes

See also: Turbine Testing

Demonstration of CATT-Acoustic

A demonstration of the CATT-Walker real-time auralisation module in CATT-Acoustic software. The module allows the viewer to explore the 3D model in real-time and listen to changes in the acoustic environment around the room.

Duration: 1 minute 18 seconds

See also: CATT-Acoustic software

Orchestral shell installation

A time-lapse video showing the installation of a permanent demountable orchestra shell at the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St Petersburg ready for the New Year's Eve concert performed by the Mikhailovsky Orchestra, with Vasily Petrenko conducting. Adrian James Acoustics undertook the acoustic design and commissioning of the shell.

Duration: 2 minutes

See also:The Mikhailovsky Theatre, St Petersburg

Classroom auralisation

This auralisation demonstrates the dramatic improvement an acoustic ceiling and wall panels make when treating a classroom to the UK's BB93 standard. The video is courtesy of Acoustic Bulletin, produced by Ecophon in association with Adrian James Acoustics.

Duration: 2 minutes

See also: Educational Buildings

Classroom acoustics and the Essex Study

Company director Adrian James discusses the findings of the Essex Study - a critical study into the importance of classroom acoustics on children's learning and teacher's well-being. Recorded at Sound Education, a classroom acoustics seminar held in London in May 2012.

Duration: 23 minutes

See also: Optimised Classroom Acoustics for all

Sound Comfort in Classrooms

What effect does a good acoustic environment make on both pupils and teachers?

In this video, courtesy of Ecophon and the Acoustic Bulletin, learning environment leader Simon Smith explains his work at Sweyne Park School. Four classrooms were tested as part of the Essex County Council study and the difference between treated and untreated rooms is clear.

Duration: 7 minutes

See also: Optimised Classroom Acoustics for all

BB93 - Acoustics in schools

One of the original co-authors of BB93 Adrian James considers school acoustics. How do the BB93 standards impact on TABS classrooms? Recorded at the Sound Education seminar held in London (June 2013).

Duration: 33 minutes

See also: Designing for excellence

Do regulations help?

Adrian James debates whether standards, guidelines and regulations are a help or a hindrance. Speaking at the Ecophon International Acousticians' Seminar in Bastad, Sweden, the recording was made in October 2015.

Duration: 20 minutes

See also: Acoustic requirements for special schools

Education Acoustics Award

Andrew Oldridge receives the Education Acoustics Award at the 2019 ANC Awards ceremony. Presented by Maggie Philbin and sponsored by Saint Gobain Ecophon, this was the latest addition to the AJA award cabinet. Andrew's work on the new music school at King's College, Wimbledon was part of an outstanding project.

Duration: 1 minute

See also: King's College School, Wimbledon