Entertainment noise

Music noise is highly sensitive issue for many people, and one of the most common cause of complaints to Local Authority noise protection teams.  It is vital that the effects of music noise on nearby residences and other noise-sensitive premises are considered, whether planning temporary events such as outdoor concerts or festivals, or permanent venues such as bars, nightclubs or function rooms.

With several former sound engineers and musicians on our consultant team, we have an in-depth understanding of the technical and creative aspects of live music performance and we work to provide practical noise control solutions which allow events to proceed while meeting Local Authority noise criteria and minimising the risk of disturbance to others.

For bars, nightclubs and live music venues we can design sound insulation measures to minimise music noise break-out and provide advice on the design of sound systems, including the incorporation of noise limiters to ensure that noise criteria set by the Local Authority are not exceeded.

For outdoor concerts and festivals we can develop noise control plans, advise on the design and orientation of loudspeaker systems to minimise music noise impact on nearby residences, liaise with Local Authority Environmental Health Officers and provide noise monitoring throughout the event.

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