Michael Cheong


Michael joined Adrian James Acoustics in 2015 and for four years worked on a wide range of challenging projects, mostly in environmental and industrial noise. More recently he has found it necessary to work closer to his home town in Suffolk, so has taken up a new post as an Environmental Protection Officer – a post which he held prior to joining AJA. Despite his change in circumstances, Michael has been able to combine his new appointment with an ongoing consultative role at AJA.

Michael’s wealth of experience includes acting as a representative for local authorities in Licensed Premises hearings and assessing noise pollution from residential, industrial and public entertainment sources. He has also advised contractors on suitable limits for construction noise, drawn up COPA 1974 Section 61 Consents, and acted as an expert witness on environmental and industrial noise.

His qualifications include the Institute of Acoustics Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement, the IOA Diploma in Noise & Vibration Control Engineering and an MSc in Applied Acoustics from Derby University.

Although Michael is no longer based in AJA’s Norwich office, his expertise can be called upon when required, and he remains a valuable associate consultant to the company.

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