King’s College School, Wimbledon

King's College School, Wimbledon

We have recently received a major award from the Association of Noise Consultants for the magnificent new music building at King’s College School in Wimbledon. Both the acoustic and audio-visual systems were designed by AJA , and our Education Acoustics award is in recognition of an outstanding project.

The three-storey building houses music classrooms, practice rooms, rehearsal rooms of all sizes and a recording suite. Pride of place goes to the extraordinary 200-seat concert hall, for which we designed a system of acoustically diffusing panels within the timber finishes of the sloping walls and roof.  We also designed the performance lighting and audio-visual systems for the hall, which include LED orchestral platform lighting with full colour wash capabilities, an impressive floor-rising projection screen and a Crestron AV system providing a user-friendly interface for assemblies and presentations, all designed to fit discreetly into the architectural scheme.  The auditorium is also set up for recording, with a permanently-installed Neumann stereo microphone pair and a full complement of analogue and digital audio connections to the recording suite.

We are delighted to have been involved in the design of one of the best music schools in the UK.

Client : King's College School, Wimbledon
Architect : Hopkins Architects