Sound system design

We provide consultancy in the specification, design and commissioning of sound systems for public address, music amplification and speech reinforcement.

There are many considerations in designing a good sound system.  Selection of loudspeakers should take into account a variety of factors including reproduction quality, frequency response and coverage pattern.  It is also equally important to consider loudspeakers' visual appearance, particularly in architecturally sensitive locations such as churches, cathedrals and other historic buildings.  We have extensive experience in the design and acoustic modelling of loudspeaker systems and the seamless integration of these into the acoustic design of a space.  We have particular experience in the specification of digitally steerable loudspeaker systems, which offer significant advantages over conventional passive systems in architecturally sensitive and acoustically challenging spaces. 

Design of control systems should take into account the needs and ability of the end users - many speech reinforcement and conference systems will need to be accessible to lay users without a skilled technician present.  Digital mixing and DSP (digital signal processing) systems have become commonplace over the past decade but require careful planning and good understanding of the client's operational requirements to implement successfully.

An important aspect of sound system design often overlooked by some designers and installers is the provision of assistive listening systems such as audio frequency induction loop systems (AFILS) or infrared systems.  It is important that such systems are correctly designed with the appropriate audio inputs to ensure that these provide the necessary clarity and intelligibility for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.  All too often AFILS systems are poorly designed and fed from a remote room microphone which provides no better intelligibility to hearing aid users than their own microphone pickups.  Our expertise in acoustic design of schools for pupils with special speech and communication needs gives us particular experience of the needs of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

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