Sound insulation testing / PCT

We provide design advice and approved pre-completion testing (PCT) under Approved Document E of the Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Since 2003, new or converted houses, flats and rooms for residential purposes require sound insulation testing.  This is a requirement under Approved Document E (ADE) of the Building Regulations.

Pre-completion testing, or PCT, is required through walls and floors separating dwellings from other dwellings or from other parts of the same building.  The number of tests required for a given development is set out in the Regulations.  In general, you will need tests through walls and / or floors in at least ten percent of houses and flats with identical wall or floor constructions.

Tests are also required between dwellings and non-residential parts of the same building, or between dwellings and non-residential buildings.  This would, for example, include a floor between a first-floor flat and a ground floor shop.  The standards of sound insulation required for these may be more stringent than those required between dwellings and you should always seek advice from Building Control before starting work on this type of development.

For more information you can now view our short video 'An introduction to sound insulation testing' in which we demonstrate the sound insulation test procedure and explain the requirements for the tests.