BS4142 noise assessments

When planning new mechanical plant installations or industrial processes, the Local Authority will usually require a noise assessment of the proposed plant to be undertaken in accordance with BS 4142.

British Standard BS 4142:2014 “Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound” is a tool widely used to determine whether industrial sound is likely to give rise to complaint from people living in the vicinity.  The standard is complicated, but basically it sets out a method of assessing the impact of measured or calculated industrial sound, based on the difference between the “rating level” of the sound and the “background sound level” (LA90) that would otherwise exist in the absence of the industrial sound.  The “rating level” is derived by adding any correction that is necessary, due to certain characteristics of the sound such as tonal or impulsive elements, to the “specific sound level”.

We have completed hundreds of assessments on a vast range of proposed installations, from small domestic air source heat pumps, through factories and industrial units, to large-scale open-air waste management sites.

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