Theatre consultancy


Despite their title, Theatre Consultants work not only on theatres, but on all types of spaces used for the performing arts.  These range from concert halls, opera houses and dance venues to rock venues, cinemas and even conference centres.  The ubiquitous “multi-purpose performance space” is particularly in demand and these types of building often require the highest level of our expertise.




In order to achieve the desired objective, it is essential to develop a clear, informed brief setting out the range and relative importance of each type of use.   As Theatre Consultants we are also widely involved in buildings for teaching the performing arts, where our expertise is in developing schemes making the most efficient use of often very limited budgets.



The Theatre Consultant’s role in a project is wide-ranging and we adapt our approach to suit each individual client’s needs.  As there is no standard scope of work, we tailor our service to the client, our primary functions can include:

  • Helping the client and architect to create a realistic but comprehensive architectural brief for a new building or for the conversion of an existing one.

  • Helping clients to analyse their needs both for buildings and for the management of the space available. This may include development of a management scheme for a building or company where no staff are yet employed.

  • Advising on sources of funding and assisting in grant applications.



  • Designing specific areas (auditoria, stages, concert platforms, orchestra shells, workshops etc) to meet the brief.

  • Preparing designs, specifications and tender documents for specialist equipment including rigging, stage machinery, stage lighting, sound & comms systems and audience seating.

  • Advising other building consultants on audience and performer safety, means of escape,structural loads, electrical requirements, heat gain and environmental aspects in auditoria



  • Helping the venue’s staff understand the differences in time scale between the builder and that of the venue, and helping the builder to understand the needs of the venue users in these complex workplaces.

  • When required, we will also undertake the design and implementation of managements for venues. We have extensive experience in this field, and indeed our Associate Michael Holden was the first Chief Executive of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.


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