Transport noise

If you are planning a new housing development, particularly in a noisy area, the local authority may require a noise assessment to be submitted with your planning application.

Up until 2012, Planning Policy Guidance 24 “Planning and Noise” (PPG24) outlined considerations to be taken into account in determining planning applications for noise-sensitive developments near transport-related noise sources.  This was superseded by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in 2012.  The NPPF does not set out specific criteria or methodology for assessing transport noise so many local authorities still refer to PPG24 methodology.  Local authorities will usually require daytime and night-time noise levels inside the proposed housing to meet the criteria set out in the WHO (World Health Organisation) Guidelines for Community Noise.

In noisy areas, for example near busy roads, railways or airports, you may need to upgrade the building envelope, for instance by using better glazing or silenced ventilation, to achieve reasonable noise levels indoors.  We can of course advise on this as part of our assessment.