What is SCReAM?

A groundbreaking new research project has just been officially announced. Known as SCReAM, it comes from Enzo de Sena – Assistant Professor in Audio at the University of Surrey’s Institute of Sound Recording. Partnering the project are market-leading consumer electronics company Sonos and computer games innovator Electronic Arts. Adrian James Acoustics and Audio Software Development … Read more

CadnaA Software

The use of industry-leading specialist software is a key element in our success. Adrian James Acoustics invests heavily in software and hardware in order to ensure we can offer an outstanding service. Our team of experts use such predictive technology to offer a comprehensive solution to customer demands, building on our wealth of experience and … Read more

Mapping Out our Future: One Year on

Adrian James Acoustics has significantly expanded over the last few years, and IT investment remains a vital part of that expansion. For many years we used an in-house spreadsheet system for timesheets and project tracking, but this had no way of managing resourcing or future planning. It also required frequent manual intervention to keep it … Read more