New Suffolk office opens

For many years the AJA office has been solely based at our HQ near Norwich, Norfolk. Now we are pleased to announce a second base, with a new office in Suffolk. Our Suffolk presence is based in Framlingham and headed up by Gary Percival, an Associate Consultant and our Environmental Acoustics specialist. Gary commented: “Our … Read more

A unique festival

First Light Festival

June saw the return of a unique festival at a special location. Lowestoft lies on the Norfolk / Suffolk border and is Britain’s most easterly town. This makes it the first town in the UK to welcome in the summer solstice each year. This source of inspiration led to the creation of the First Light … Read more

Spiegeltent returns

Speigeltent in Chapelfield Park

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival has just finished, and once again the Adnams Spiegeltent came to town.  This unusual venue is part of a tradition stretching back over a hundred years, when large travelling tents would tour round Europe, acting as a home for cabaret and other entertainment.  The Festival revived the idea a few years … Read more

Vibration, boats and sea legs

A recent noise and vibration test in the North Sea was also a test of sea legs. AJA consultants Adrian James and George Moore stepped aboard one of the boats in Lowestoft which is used to access offshore wind turbines. Crew vessels These crew vessels are constantly taking engineers and maintenance workers to and from … Read more

Testing, testing

When new-build and converted residences are close to completion, there are some important tests which sometimes get left to the last minute. Compliance with fire regulations may be an obvious necessity. But other building standards must be met by carrying out assessments, such as sound testing and air testing. Sound tests are often referred to … Read more

Welcome Ben

Adrian James Acoustics is pleased to welcome a new member of our team. Ben Hunt has recently moved to Norwich after working in the Bedford area. A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, Ben has a background in both music and maths, and a fascination for all things tech. His passion for acoustics and electronics … Read more

More dinosaurs

More dinosaurs are coming to Norfolk. The popular Roarr! dinosaur theme park has just received council approval to expand. New rides and other attractions are planned as part of a £4 million development which will increase visitor numbers by 65%. Adrian James Acoustics was called in at an early stage to address the challenges posed … Read more

New regulations now in force

Important new regulations have just come into force. Overheating has long been overlooked as a potential noise risk in residential developments. At last, new regulations should help to address the problem. The requirements are specified in Approved Document O of the Building Regulations. They state that overheating risk must be considered in the planning and … Read more

Hot off the press

Hot off the press, our new company brochure is now available. This 12-page printed A4 publication provides a comprehensive guide to our services. It’s an ideal reference for architects, builders, contractors and anyone who may need our experience now or in the future. Please email us if you would like a free printed copy of … Read more

New life for village

We love to help bring new life to villages. This is particularly significant when growing communities need new facilities. A recent example is Horsford, a village just north of Norwich. Neighbourhood Plan With a population of just over 4000, the village lacked some amenities, despite having two pubs. Broadland Council conducted a local consultation, which … Read more

Major infrastructure consultation

Since November 2020 we have been providing technical expertise for a major infrastructure project. Sizewell C nuclear power station – if it goes ahead – will be one of the largest construction projects in Europe. East Suffolk Council approached us to assess potential noise and vibration. With the main site occupying a large area of … Read more

Hot off the press

Hot off the press, our new company brochure has just been published. This 12-page publication provides a comprehensive guide to our services. It’s an ideal reference for architects, builders, contractors and anyone who may need our experience now or in the future. Please email us if you would like a free printed copy of the … Read more

Broadway Enterprise Park

To the north of Norwich a new business park is taking shape. Known as the Broadway Enterprise Park, this new development could become home to 1250 new jobs. It is located just off the Broadland Northway northern distributor route and near to Norwich International Airport. This mixed-use development has already seen a major new household … Read more

Recycling noise

Demolition and recycling work inevitably produces noise, and we are frequently called on to offer expert analysis on how to tackle such noise issues. Technical advice One example is the technical advice we have been providing to Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd. Since 2018 the company has been engaged in expanding its facility in Attleborough, … Read more

Wind farms

Wind farm

Adrian James Acoustics can announce we have completed work for East Suffolk Council as technical advisors on a major project. Our expertise was sought to review the noise and vibration assessments for two proposed offshore wind farms – known as East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia TWO. We also advised on associated onshore infrastructure. … Read more

Dance studios

AJA recently worked with a local dance company – The Workshop Studios – who offer a wide programme of dance training. The organisation needed expert advice in converting a disused Norwich warehouse into a dance studio complex. Upgrades Our input included baseline noise survey work and 3D modelling to predict the noise emissions from activity … Read more

What is a PCT?

If the initials PCT spell confusion to you, we can answer the most common questions about this important regulation. What is a PCT? A Pre-Completion Test (PCT) is a requirement under Part E of the government’s Building Regulations.  Also known as a sound insulation test, the aim is to ensure reasonable standards of sound insulation … Read more

Rackheath Masterplan

The village of Rackheath lies to the north of Norwich and is part of Broadland District Council’s “growth triangle”. In 2009 it was identified as one of a dozen proposed sites to create new carbon-neutral eco-communities. The government subsequently withdrew this particular programme, but in 2016 a new masterplan was published. The three interested parties … Read more

Outdoor cinema

A side effect of coronavirus has been a huge change in how we enjoy our entertainment. The hospitality industry has been creative in its response and as restrictions have eased, there has been a rise in outdoor events. Throughout the UK, drive-ins have made a comeback and outdoor screens are seeing a surge in demand. … Read more

Residents and Festivals

King’s Lynn is a typical North Norfolk market town. For over 500 years the Tuesday Market Place has been its trading centre. This site also serves as a car park and for three weekends every year hosts the spectacular Festival Too music festival. Large crowds flock to the Market Place to hear a wide variety … Read more

Turbine Testing

An increasing demand for renewable energy and rising fuel costs has led to more micro turbines in locations such as farms. However, although the noise generated by such machines may differ from that produced by large industrial farms, there is still a need to assess their impact on the environment. Principal Acoustics Consultant Ian Rees … Read more

CadnaA Software

The use of industry-leading specialist software is a key element in our success. Adrian James Acoustics invests heavily in software and hardware in order to ensure we can offer an outstanding service. Our team of experts use such predictive technology to offer a comprehensive solution to customer demands, building on our wealth of experience and … Read more

Call Centre Assessments

AJA have undertaken a variety of acoustic assessments at call centres in the UK, including those operated by Aviva, Centrica, Vodafone UK and AXA. The principal acoustic challenge faced in call centres is high noise levels (usually as a result of dense population), reverberant conditions and inadequate acoustic screening between desks.  While ambient noise levels … Read more

The Future of Recycling?

We all know the importance of recycling, but how can processing plants carry out necessary work whilst keeping noise levels down to a minimum? Adrian James Acoustics was presented with this challenge when we were appointed by Norse Environmental Waste Services to work on the Marsham Composting Facility in North Norfolk.  The plant used innovative … Read more

Sound Testing in Southwold

The control of environmental noise may be one of the keys to a better quality of life but it is also an important legal requirement.  At Adrian James Acoustics we carry out many different types of noise assessments, usually arising from planning applications or the need to comply with building regulations. In each case, we … Read more