BB93 classroom auralisation videos

AJA recently completed some work for Ecophon UK on a video demonstrating the effects of acoustic treatments in a typical classroom to meet the various criteria set out in BB93.

The video can be viewed here


The video, filmed at Blofield Primary School, demonstrates how compliance with BB93 room acoustic criteria can improve speech intelligibility and reduce activity noise levels in classrooms.  It uses auralisations generated with CATT-Acoustic software, based on audio recorded in situ during filming and processing it to simulate different acoustic conditions in a classroom space.  To achieve this, we created and ran acoustic computer models for each treatment version, carefully replicating the dimensions and layout of the classroom in which we filmed.  The auralisations were combined with a montage of video, photo and computer-generated imagery to give visual context to the auralisations and help the viewer feel that they are sitting in the classroom.

The video is being used in Ecophon CPD seminars and has been enthusiastically received by the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) among others.